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Dr. Belinda G. Moss 


Known for her passion and expertise in suicide prevention, exposing depression, and mastering life.  A depression slayer and survivor of two suicide attempts over 30 years ago, she has expert knowledge on the mind and how your thoughts can lead you in a direction of victory or despair. 


A guest on local televisions stations, she travels throughout the U.S.A. educating the armed forces on suicide prevention and corporations and individuals on self-mastery. She is well known for her cut-to-the chase methods of stimulating clients to take full responsibility for their reactions to adverse situations. 


Life can throw any of us a curve ball, she chimes, but it’s how we swing for the ball that determines its trajectory and ultimate destination.  You can hit the ball out of the park, or strikeout.  You can be a victim or a victor in life and only you can decide—it’s your choice.  Why sit on the sideline with pom poms and watch everyone else ride by, when you can get back in life and ride your float with others cheering you.


She holds two master’s degrees and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Counseling Supervision.

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