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Unveiling Your Divine Destiny (2023)  


Everyone has a desire to succeed. However, the true meaning of success has been misunderstood and must be redefined. Success is not accumulating a lot of money; not having a big house; having a lot of friends, or having many plaques on the wall. Rather, success is you discovering your purpose and then completing it before you die. In other words, success must be measured by why you were created and how well you fulfilled that purpose. Whatever you were born to do and be is in you now and the success of your life is you becoming all that is trapped inside of you. In this book, Dr. Moss reveals that you have been loaded with gifts that are as unique as your fingerprint—eradicating the need to copy anyone. Those gifts are so powerful and so intentional, they will allow you to demonstrate extraordinary deeds; notable or extraordinary accomplishments that announce themselves and allow you to change your families, communities, and ultimately your nation.

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One of the most frequently asked “intrinsic” questions is “Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose in life?” Many of us know or have heard of such “destiny” defined scriptures as Jeremiah 29:11 or Ephesians 2:10 and the like. However, many people do not have a clue or the guidance necessary to find answers to these inner inquiries. Unveiling Your Divine Destiny by Dr. Belinda G. Moss answers these heartfelt questions and more. This workbook was developed to accompany the “Unveiling Your Divine Destiny” book. It is designed to be completed after reading and meditating on the book, chapter by chapter. It will serve as a tool to help you extract great nuggets and highlights that you can use to solidify what you’ve read and learned. It will also help you meditate and study the revolutionary truths contained in the book. Once you complete the workbook, you may use it as a daily devotional. Continue to use it and allow Holy Spirit to continue to speak to you as you continue on your journey and oh what a phenomenal journey it will be.


An Innovative Solution

This book written in two parts: Book one dealing with the death of a loved and Book Two dealing with divorce or abandonment, is for anyone who has been sucker punched by life. Dr. Moss answers difficult questions providing exceptional insight to unhealthy grieving. The book also includes an Appendix filled with helpful data from planning a funeral, writing a Will and Testament, or starting a healthy lifestyle program complete with an exercise regimen that will help you lose weight and live long and strong, a program that helped this author lose and keep off over 50 pounds.  Warning, this book is guaranteed to snatch you out of prolonged grief and misguided pity parties.


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Winner of two literary awards, what makes this book different from all the other books on depression?  A survivor of two suicide attempts, an overcomer of a 20-year struggle with depression, and now a depression slayer, Dr. Moss exposes the true cause of depression and offers hope outside the traditional remedies that only manage depression. Her mantra is the strength of depression is ignorance, tolerance, and not taking responsibility of your state whether compromised or not. Dr. Moss promises a 100 percent cure rate for anyone who aggressively applies the principles revealed in this book. This is compared to a 70 percent recurrence of depression for those taking anti-depressants.  If you truly want freedom from any type of depression for you or a loved one, this is the book for you.


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This is the set time for the church to fulfill what God has been preparing this generation for, for years and that is to engage culture with an undeniable demonstration of the superior power of God over all systems of the world.  God is inviting each believer to fulfill their God-given destinies that will blow their natural minds.  This cannot happen, however, until Believers, do the personal homework required to ensure the enemy does not overwhelm them on their way to fulfilling destiny.


This book provides a road map to assist the believer in becoming emotionally strong so they can confront and defeat the unexpected challenges of life, temptations of success, and the shames of failures by learning how to navigate through life victoriously with the wisdom of God. It will teach believers how to proof the heart, emotions and thinking powers, to rule for them during times of conflict.  You will learn sustained motivation to fulfill destiny—the ultimate motivator and goal of the believer. 


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